El Porvenir Water Project March Update

Published Thu, Mar 12, 15. Written by Shannon Smith.

El Porvenir Update

We received an update today from Su Nica, our partners working in Nicaragua, on the El Provenir water project we helped them fund last year.  We've shared that with you below.


Photo Credit: SuNica

Remember last month when we told you about that perfect piece of land we found for the water system? Well, we're oh so close to securing it! El Porvenir's Water Committee (CAPS) is working alongside SuNica, their local government, and a neighboring land owner to gain clear title to the land where the borehole and water tower will sit.

So the short history behind this piece of land is that a wealthy farmer who owned much of the property around El Porvenir promised to give a portion (including the land we need) to one of his best workers, Mr. Juan (name changed for privacy). This land was eventually purchased by a larger El Salvadorean company. Mr. Juan's agreement with his former boss was never formalized in the local Register of Deeds or any of that good stuff, so it took us quite a while to find out who it actually belonged to. SuNica's very own Mario Moraga got to the bottom of it, and now all we have to do is get a contract drafted up, get all of the stakeholders in a room (easier said then done) and have a few key people sign this document. Mr. Juan will get clear title to the land he was promised many years ago. El Porvenir's CAPS will pay Mr. Juan for the portion of his land that shall be deeded to El Porvenir, and El Porvenir can move forward with the project. Everyone wins! Check out the SuBlog for the unabridged version of this story.