These are the places where we are working to bring access to clean, safe drinking water.

Cota, Swaziland

Our partners The Thirst Project are committed to bringing every person in Swaziland local access to clean water by 2022. In 2014, we helped fund one of their projects in Cota, Swaziland.

El Porvenir, Nicaragua

We partnered with Su Nica to "Turn on the Water" in El Porvenir, Nicaragua.

Laisamis, Kenya

Dynamic Water was founded in 2008 to help bring the Rendille tribe in Northern Kenya local access to clean water. It took 5 years to complete that first project.

Nyahururu, Kenya

We have partnered with HEAL and Eleos Project to help fund a clean water project at HEAL's Rapha Community Center in the village of Lashau nearby Nyahururu, Kenya. The Rapha Community Center is home to a secondary (high) ...

Orissa, India

Our partner, Global Hope India, is working with New Life Ministries, an Indian organization, based in Kesinga, Orrisa, India, to train local leaders a pastors. They are sending these pastors out to minister to villages th...

Salinas Grandes, Nicaragua

About This Project Salinas Grande's water system is failing fast and currently provides only two hours of water every other day to more than 2,000 residents. The Pacific Ocean provides a beautiful backdrop to this collect...

San Carlos, Nicaragua

The story of the San Carlos community is both heartbreaking and full of potential. Located just outside of Leon, the second largest city in Nicaragua, San Carlos is close enough to city life to have a real thirst for what...