Paying the Bills in El Porvenir

Published Fri, Sep 02, 16. Written by Shannon Smith.

This is a cross post from our Nicaraguan partners, SuNica, containing great news about our project in El Porvenir.  The El Porvenir project was fully completed in July.  August was the first month where water bills came due.  The community responded wonderfully.  Read more below...

Paying the bills in El Porvenir

100% PAID

Paying the Bills in El Porvenir

The thing we all care about.  Is our work and your dollars doing the thing we wanted it to do?  That is the million dollar question.  Stories like this give us a great insight to how we're doing and how El Porvenir is doing.  August was the first billing day in El Porvenir. Each family had 10 days to pay their modest, but fair bill for their metered water usage of the new system. On August 10th, 96% of the community had paid their bill. The community bill collector/enforcer/maintenance employee gave the "notice-of-water-cut-off" on August 10th and by the 11th, 100% of the community had paid. 


Praise God!  As a staff, we've been thinking about the first billing cycle for over two years. This was a great start and almost as important as the completion of the project itself.